CRP Seed Mixes: Where to Buy High-Quality Seeds

Where to Buy High Quality CRP Seed Mixes

Not all seed suppliers are the same, so it’s important to understand what you’re getting when you purchase a seed mix for your project. Aside from the type of seed used, there are many other elements that factor into a good seed mix.

How Does Grass Improve Your Soil?

How Grass Improves Your Soil

Through the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) and other conservation efforts, vulnerable soil that is critical to our country’s agricultural future can be effectively restored. There are many CRP practices that can be implemented to reduce soil erosion and enhance soil health on your farmland. But grass establishment, in particular, provides a number of improvements to …

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When is an Herbicide Necessary for Weed Control?

Using Herbicides for Weed Control CRP

There are a variety of different weed control methods that can be used on CRP land. In some circumstances, an herbicide may be the best option. But determining when it is necessary to use herbicide can be a challenge. 

What are the Keys to a Successful Seeding?

Keys to a Successful Seeding with CRP

Seeding can be a complex process with many variables to consider before you begin. Whether you’re seeding for the first time or have years of experience, it’s important to keep these factors in mind as you start your project.

What Makes a Plant Native?

Midwest Native Plants All Native Seed

But what exactly is a native plant? Here, we’ll dive into the definition of a native plant, as well as the benefits of planting native species on your land.