What Makes Our CRP Seed Special?

Since the founding of our parent company FDCE in 2003, we have striven to use the best CRP seed available. After all, the quality of seed is just as important as any other part of CRP establishment. Low-quality seed can result in poor germination, slowed growth, and inconsistent establishments. With the wrong seed, establishment may fail altogether.  

Our seed has proven to germinate and grow faster than other CRP seed available for purchase. 

How is this possible? With our partner companies, we have created a new standard for seed processing, accounting for needs such as stratification, scarification, seed cleaning, and more. In addition to high purity, our seed is tested for all pigweed species including Palmer amaranth.  

All ANS seed purchases include both hard and electronic copies of the required seed tags required for USDA reimbursement, greatly simplifying the documentation process. Should you have any questions or uncertainties, we’ll gladly assist you in finding the CRP seed mix that’s right for you. 

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More Than a CRP Seed Company

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All Native Seed isn’t simply a reseller of Pheasants Forever CRP seed or another CRP seed company. Our brand is our own. We are a team of CRP experts with over 100 years of combined experience in the field.  We have worked with farmers, landowners, corporations, and government organizations across 350,000+ acres of CRP establishment all over the country.

We have tested our seed firsthandconstantly analyzing what is working and what could be improved upon. With a success rate of over 97%, the results speak for themselves. We founded this CRP seed company because of the constant demand for our product.  

With All Native Seed, customers will receive the very same seed we continue to use for our FDCE clients. If you need consultation for CRP seed purchasing, we’re happy to provide it. And for those who’d rather have someone handle the entire CRP establishment process, please visit our FDCE website here.