Determining Herbicide Application for CRP

Weed control is an important part of CRP. Left unchecked, weeds will severely hurt your CRP establishment.  Not only do they consume resources and take up root space underground, but some grow much faster than your native vegetation. Weeds can quickly reach heights and create coverage that block the sun from your CRP seeds.  They can also quickly develop seed that will create additional competition in the future.  

That is why weed control and prevention is a requirement for CRP contract holders. 

First and foremost, the CRP seed mix you purchase needs to be free of noxious weeds that are outlawed in your state. But even with the best seed, weeds will inevitably develop on your land. You must be vigilant in combatting them. 

Before any seed is planted, herbicide should be applied. A burn plan may be recommended before this, depending on your situation. You should speak with an NRCS representative or an experienced CRP contractor for further guidance. After your ground has been seeded, additional herbicide applications may be needed. 

Selecting herbicide for CRP can be a complex process. For starters, CRP has certain restrictions on what herbicide may be used. This can vary depending on your state and the Conservation Practice (CP) that you are enrolled in. 

Additionally, the herbicide used depends on the weeds that you are targeting. Before any herbicide is applied, weeds need to be properly identified. Not only do weeds affect what herbicide is used and when it is applied, but it also determines the concentration. 

For example, glyphosate can be used prior to planting to kill broadleaf weeds, as well as unwanted grasses. If you’re trying to eliminate perennial weeds/vegetation, higher concentrations will be needed. 

Herbicide application is not a one and done event but an ongoing process of monitoring and adjusting, especially in the initial stages of establishment. 

Controlling Weeds in Your CRP Establishment 

Approved herbicides and targeted weeds can vary from state to state, as well as practice to practiceThat means that herbicide plans are often unique among contract holders. The NRCS can provide some assistance and guidance with herbicide application.  

Alternatively, our parent company FDCE provides full-service CRP solutions that handles the entire establishment process, including herbicide application. If you’d like to learn more about that, click here. 

Otherwise, a great start to controlling weeds and ensuring successful CRP establishment is buying quality CRP seed mixes that establishes quickly to compete against weeds. At All Native Seed, we offer seed that has been reprocessed for enhanced purity and tested for pigweed such as Palmer amaranth.  

Browse our personal CRP mixes here or click here to receive a quote for mixes developed by NRCS.  If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us directly for additional guidance.