What Illinois Bundleflower Brings to CRP Seed Mixes

Need a good food source for wildlife to implement into your CRP seed mix? Illinois bundleflower is a great choice for contract holders across the Midwest and south-central states. Also known as prickleweed and prairie mimosa, this warm season perennial legume has good drought tolerance and can grow in most soils. 

When fully grown, Illinois bundleflower can stand anywhere from 1-4 feet tall. Leaves grow in numbers uthe plant, with leaflets and sub-leaflets extending from those. At the end of its stems, it grows clusters of flower heads which bloom into small white florets with yellow tips. The blooming period lasts 1-2 months.  

After that, the flowerheads turn to clusters of brown seedpods. In each seedpod, there are 2-5 reddish brown seeds. These are naturally spread by the wind, allowing the plant to reseed itself. 

Bundleflower can often be found along roads and railways and near rivers. In farming, it can be used for foraging and grain production. 

Using Illinois Bundleflower for CRP 

Due to its prevalence and nutritional value, Illinois bundleflower is a popular choice for CRP seed mixes, particularly within grassland practices. While the plant can attract some pollinators during bloom, the bundleflower is most beneficial to foraging animals. Gamebirds such as pheasant and quail feed on its nutrient-rich seeds. They also enjoy the cover it provides. 

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