Adding Little Bluestem to Your CRP Seed Mix

Looking for a durable native warm season grass to plant in your CRP establishment? Schizachyrium scoparium, better known as little bluestem, is definitely worth consideration. This perennial bunchgrass can be found in almost every state and is especially prominent across the prairies of the Midwest. 

In fact, it’s the official state grass of Nebraska and Kansas.  

Little bluestem grows best in the full view of the sun where soil is well drained. It is commonly found on hilltops, ridges, and other dry upland areas. The exact appearance of little bluestem can vary from region to region. Heights can range from 1-3 feet. Its blades can be either smooth or hairy. 

During the summertime, the color of little bluestem ranges from blueish green to a deeper green. In the winter, the plant shifts to a reddish gold or purple, depending on the region. 

In addition to providing good soil cover, little bluestem works well as forage for larger animals such as cows and horses. 

Using Little Bluestem in CRP 

Due to its adaptability and resistance to drought, little bluestem is a popular choice for CRP. It grows in the late spring, blooming white, green, and brown.  

Once established, this bunchgrass protects soil while providing habitat and forage for wildlife. Little bluestem is especially popular among fowl who use it for nesting and roosting. 

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