Carbon Sequestration Through CRP

While carbon, specifically carbon dioxide, is important for crops, it’s possible to have too much of a good thing. Carbon dioxide makes up just .04% of our atmosphere, yet it serves some important functions. As a greenhouse gas, it’s responsible for absorbing the suns rays and keeping our planet warm enough for life to thrive. Additionally, it’s a critical component of …

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Improving US Water Conditions Through CRP

Recently, Cargill announced a new initiative set to drastically reduce water usage and improve water quality in critical areas around the world. By 2030, they plan to restore 159 billion gallons of water to priority watersheds. As one of the largest US-based ag companies, Cargill is hoping these changes can inspire similar actions across the industry.  Agriculture is currently responsible for 80% of water use in the US.  While much of this water ultimately returns …

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