Prairie Junegrass in CRP

Koeleria macrantha, commonly referred to as prairie junegrass in the US, is a cool season bunchgrass that’s native to many regions in North America and Eurasia. This perennial grass is resilient and versatile, growing naturally in plains, rangelands, forests, mountain foothills, and more.  

Photo credit: Petr Filippov

It’s also a popular choice for lawns and turf grass due to its low maintenance and the fact that it turns green very early in the spring. However, its slow growth rate means it’s not always the best choice for areas that experience high amounts of foot traffic. It can also cause a severe reaction among those with grass allergies.  

Once fully grown, junegrass can reach heights of two feet. While most of the plant remains a bluish green, it sprouts small spikelets that can range from tan to purple in colorWild animals often rely on it as a food source through most of the year. 

Including Prairie Junegrass in Your CRP Seed Mix 

Due to its prevalence and low maintenance, prairie junegrass is a common addition for CRP seed mixes. Though it’s a cool season grass, it’s quite resistant to heat and drought. Prairie junegrass provides forage for many animals, which can make it especially attractive to those who use their CRP land for hunting. It can also be used for grazing if that’s part of your Conservation Plan of Operations. 

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