Why CRP Seed Tags Matter

When you’re purchasing CRP seed mixes, it’s important that you select quality regionally adapted seed that’s applicable to the particular conservation practice that you’re enrolled in. But it’s not enough to simply know you purchased the right seed. You need proof 

This is where seed tags come into play. 

Seed tags are pieces of documentation that should come with the mixes you purchase. On the seed tag, you should find the name of the seed along with its origin, germination rate, purity, noxious weed testing, and more.  

It’s critical that these tags are accurate and readily available. Why? For starters, it ensures that you’re planting the correct seed at the correct rates. Mislabeled seed can affect your chances of establishment and even lead to the spread of noxious weed such as Palmer amaranth. 

You’ll also need the seed tags for reporting so you can receive your cost-share reimbursement. 

Documenting Seed Mix Purchasing for CRP Reimbursement 

In order to receive cost-share reimbursement for CRP, you’ll need to thoroughly (and properly) document everything. Cost-share for CRP is component based, which means expenses are itemized into different categories. 

One of these categories is seed cost. 

The seed component is percentage-based, meaning you’re reimbursed for a percentage of the seed-cost until you reach a cap called an NTE (Not to Exceed) limit. Documenting seed cost can be a little tricky, as different types of seed can have separate rates. 

However, properly organized seed tags can make this process considerably easier. Once you purchase your CRP seed mix, make sure to safely store your seed tags for documenting purposes. Failure to properly document cost-share expenses can delay your reimbursement and result in you having to start your paperwork over. At ANS, we always keep a copy of your seed tags in case you happen to misplace or lose your original tags. 

To learn more about the CRP cost-share process, make sure to read this article from our parent company. 

Quality Seed That’s Conveniently Tagged 

For the sake of your land and your CRP establishment, it’s critical that you know what your seed mix contains and where it comes from. 

When you buy CRP seed from All Native Seed, you can trust that it’s of the highest quality available. We’ve spent the past 16+ years testing and improving our seed across over 350,000 acres of CRP establishment. 

Whether you purchase our proprietary seed mixes or one of our NRCS compliant mixes, your seed will be properly tagged for easy documentation. 

And for those who’d prefer to have someone else handle their cost-share reporting (along with seed purchasing, planting, etc), make sure to check out FDCE’s full-service CRP solutions.