Switchgrass – A Great Addition for Your CRP Seed Mix

Once upon a time, the Midwest was covered in a variety of thick, native grasses. These grasses protected and enriched soil while providing habitat for local wildlife. Today, those native grasses are used for the same purposes through programs such as CRP.  

One of the most prevalent types of native grass then and now is panicum virgatum, better known as switchgrass. Switchgrass is a perennial native warm season grass (NWSG). As a NWSG, switchgrass has many benefits. It’s highly resilient, being able to outlast summer heat and lengthy droughts.  

This is in part thanks to its deep root systems, which feed from lower soil layers. In turn, topsoil is able to keep its nutrients, growing healthier while enjoying the protection that switchgrass provides. This helps with carbon sequestration as well 

Switchgrass is also highly resistant to many pests and diseases, such as endophyte. Endophyte is a fungi or bacteria that can grow inside of plants, causing harm to wildlife and livestock.  

In addition to its benefits for wildlife and soil, switchgrass is also used as a renewable fuel source. As a biofuel, switchgrass burns cleaner and more efficiently than traditional fuel oil.  

Including Switchgrass in Your CRP Seed Mix 

Due to its benefits and local ecotype, switchgrass is a popular choice for CRP seed mixes. It typically starts growing in mid to late spring and flowers between August and October. While its stigmas can be different colors, they’re most commonly purple.  

If you’re wondering where to buy CRP seed mixes with switchgrass, we have you covered. 

At All Native Seed, we have a variety of CRP seed mixes available with Switchgrass. All of our seed is reprocessed, ensuring maximum germination rate and checked for harmful pigweeds such as Palmer amaranth. 

Additionally, we offer numerous custom seed mixes that meet various conservation practice standards. Whatever you purchase from All Native Seed, you can trust that it’s tagged properly and of the highest quality. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us at 888-224-2004 or send an email to quote@allnativeseed.com.